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Now that I’m consistently baking and trying not to poison my family with dinners, I found  it to be a pain to drag our iPad or laptop over to the kitchen for recipe ingredients and instructions. We all know I have a slight obsession with boxes… I made another just for my recipes.


– Craft box (I found this one at Michael’s)
– Painter’s tape (3M ScotchBlue™ painter’s tape works great and they were lovely enough to send complimentary samples)
– Spray paint
– Acrylic paint
– Medium and small paint brushes
– Acrylic spray
– Patterned paper
– Printed recipes sized for your box
– Glue, scissors, tape measure, pencil and screwdriver

How to:

Step 1

Remove all hardware. Apply painter’s tape to create straight lines and to avoid getting spray paint on places you don’t want to.

Step 2

Spray paint your color of choice. I used Krylon Primer in white. Once dry, remove painter’s tape.

Step 3

Paint remaining sections of the box. I chose a pretty Robin’s Egg blue and a metallic gold color.

Step 4

Choose patterned paper that will be used as the backing for your cut out recipes. Measure the inside of the box and cut the size appropriately. For this specific box, I cut 5″x2.75″ sized rectangles. Type, print and cut out your favorite recipes then glue to the patterned paper.

Step 5

I wrote out “Recipe Box” in pencil before painting then went over it in this deep pink called “Razzle Berry”. Once dried, I used an acrylic finishing spray by Mod Podge to give it that extra shine. Replace hardware.


How do you like to store your recipes?




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