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Ever take stock of the patterns and items you collect over time? I realized I happen to like many things floral… Who knew?

A gift of Mor Belladonna soap from my friend Angela. I can’t seem to bring myself to open it and ruin the pretty packaging. Come to think of it, she also bought me the cute soap dish with silver flowers from Anthropologie. I hope she isn’t hinting at something…

My Great-Grandma’s vintage floral rhinestone ring placed with a white floral tray (from Target, shhh) that I use to hold my perfumes.

Another Anthropologie fav… These are almost exactly the same ones but in a brighter yellow-gold color.

White flowers from the mixed bouquet from my husband for Valentine’s Day. I always separate the colors. Does that mean something?

I gave these pretty floral candle holders a home when my mom was trying to get rid of a bunch of randoms stuck in a closet from the 80’s. I am not a huge fan of tapered candles but these tea lights work great.

What do you have multiples of without even noticing?




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This is the second installment a series called “Two of a Kind”. The series features the likeness of fashion accessories and interior design. Gorgeous cocktail rings and beautiful bedrooms are the focus today. Enjoy!

Ivanka Trump Black Onyx Ring with Diamond Accents | Lonny Magazine May/June 2011

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Arty Too’ Gold-Plated Swarovski Crystal Ring | Red Online Bold Colour Bedroom

Kenneth Jay Lane 22-Karat Gold-Plated Orange Resin Ring | Lonny Magazine June/July 2010

John Hardy ‘Naga’ Square Stone Silver Ring | Lonny Magazine Feb/Mar 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Multicolored Glass and Crystal Ring | Lonny Magazine December 2010

Tacori ‘Truffle’ Large Smoky Quartz Ring | Lonny Magazine July/Aug 2011

Charles Albert Agate Slice Ring in Nude | Lonny Magazine Sept/Oct 2011

Any “Zoolander” fans out there??



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This week I have the pleasure of featuring the amazingly talented jewelry designer, Joe Polthakorn. Joe is the owner and designer of Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry. He took time out of his busy schedule for a Q&A with me. My first glimpse of Joe and his beautiful line was when I attended a Sue Wong event to celebrate her Spring 2012 collection with my friend and Celebrity Stylist, Kendrick Osorio. Joe designed all of the jewelry for the show. Each piece was stunning and I knew I had to meet this designer.

Joe grew up in the jewelry business. He was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand and learned the ropes from his mother who developed a successful diamond business. In fact, Vilaiwan is his mother’s name. What a lovely tribute to her. I also found out that Joe is a fellow Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising alumnus. Go team FIDM! While in school studying Interior Design, he honed his design skills and envisioned jewelry that is more than an accessory but art that makes a statement. I think it’s safe to say that he made his vision a reality.

Now let’s hear from Joe.

Love and Rosen:  Tell us a little about yourself and jewelry line. What materials do you use?

Joe: My name is Joe Polthakorn; I am a jewelry designer, retail designer, colors consultant, nice, passionate, creative and ambitious guy. 🙂 My jewelry line is called “ VILAIWAN FINE JEWELRY” which is my mother’s name, which means “Beautiful” in Thai. She is my inspiration and I grew up designing in her diamond business. My pieces are all handmade with precious and semi-precious stones. We also have some mixed media collections like measuring tapes, leather and pincushions.

L&R: Your designs are all truly wearable works of art. I think I have a tendency to be attracted to statement jewelry because I prefer to simple clothes and bold accessories. What is it that you love about the type of jewelry you create?

Joe: Exactly. We are from the same planet; I also love simple clothes with bold accessories. I believe that accessories reflect your inner soul, passion and energy. They are like the extra substance that you put on your body to compliment your appearance and that’s how you choose to tell the world who you are in a way.

L&R: What do you look to for inspiration when working on a piece or collection?

Joe: Much of my inspiration comes from nature: flowers, leaves, dirt, etc. Also, textures. I love textures of things. Of course colors. Coming from my interior design background, architectural shapes and graphics all inspire me. Basically anything that is beautiful. Beauty and inspiration is everywhere, just depends on if you see it, recognize it and appreciate it.

L&R: Do you have a muse or type of woman that you design for?

Joe: I love strong, creative, passionate ladies who have their own style, know what they want and go for it!

L&R: What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far?

Joe: I have many exciting moments and feel very blessed that my line has come this far and has been honored by a lot of press and clients. But I must say that the most exciting moments for me are when I put the right piece of jewelry on the right person. It is like Aha! moment, that person shines and becomes radiant. To witness those smiles and sparkling eyes are my best moments. I get goose bumps.

L&R: What is your favorite accessories trend of the moment?

Joe: Hard to say as my trend changes everyday, mostly depends on my moods or what inspires me. My best accessories trend would be that you wear what makes you feel and look good. The most important thing is that you wear them and not let the accessories wear you.

L&R: What are you working on now?

Joe: Many things and they all exciting. I am working on my new jewelry collections and Vilaiwan evening bags, scarves and home accessories, which are coming out later this Fall. Mostly are one of a kind…. The special kind.

I can’t wait to see the new jewelry and product lines! 

A few of my favorites from his new collection…

Photography by Matt Sillapasoontorn

For more, visit: Vilaiwan.com and “like” on Facebook here.

Thanks, Joe!



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Ready for color? I am. Here are some pretty and bright finds that make my heart sing for Spring. ♥

See By Chloé Twirl Leather Shoulder Bag in Lemon
Barden Brook Cuff in Blue from Anthropologie
Bee Trinket Flats in Orange from Anthropologie
Happy Jeweled Headband by Ban.do
Giuseppe Zanotti Color Block Wave Sandals in Cloisonne Blue
Cabochon Cluster Ring from Banana Republic
Anya Hindmarch Mini Gracie Bag in Coral from Matches Fashion
Gucci Chain Strap Mary Jane Sandals in Green Suede

I had to include the item that inspired this colorful post. These Sapphire Skinny YMI Jeans caught my eye when I went to visit my friend Evelyn at the YMI offices.

When I wear a bold color, I like the rest of my look to stay pretty neutral. I can imagine wearing these bright skinnies with the following:

Teardrop Blouse from Zara

Cece Leather Ballet Flats in Tawny Sand from J.CREW

Kendra Scott ‘Luca’ Bangles from Nordstrom

That was fun!



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I am always a proponent of handmade gifts but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes. Here are some fantastic finds for Valentine’s Day or really any day. Enjoy!

For the beauty addict

1. ∞ Compact cosmetic lovebirds bag in red by Apple&Bee ∞


A bit of a splurge but so pretty

2. ∞ 18K Rose Gold Open Heart Stackable Ring by Cheryl Lynn Jewelry ∞


 I received the ‘A’ mug as a gift and I still use it almost everyday

3. ∞ Monogrammed Mug from Anthropologie ∞


Who wouldn’t love to receive a daily gift of chocolate?

4. ∞ Artisanal Chocolatiers Monthly Delivery from Chocolately


Such a chic way to stay organized

5. ∞ Panama Diary from the Rose Collection by Smythson ∞


Perfect to set your monogrammed mug on =)

6. ∞ Celestial Coasters in Green from Anthropologie ∞


For your foodie friends

7. ∞ Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany Book from Jayson Home ∞


I so need this

8. ∞ Grey Leather Card Holder in Gold Dash & White Dash by Falconwright ∞


Simply divine

9. ∞ Arrow Ring from the Athene Divinus Collection by Odette New York ∞


I can imagine wearing this with a great pair of brown boots

10. ∞ Windowpane scarf in navy/ivory from J.CREW ∞



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I think for most things I do such as wrapping a gift, decorating a cake or even writing a blog post, it’s all about the details. The same goes for jewelry or accessorizing in general. Take a minute or two to add a finishing touch and I bet you will find an extra little pep in your step. You don’t even need to go out and buy anything new, just take stock of what you already have and give it new life. I like to mix vintage with new all the time. Most recently I’ve been combining my mom’s gold and diamond classic tennis bracelet circa 1990 and a chunky gold chain bracelet for a fun but elegant update.

I was going through my own jewelry and thought it would be fun to pull a few of my favorite vintage earrings to share before we get on to what I found on Etsy.

FYI – I am still learning how to use my camera so please bear with me as I figure this whole product shot photography thing out. It sure is a fun but exhausting learning process… =)

Next, I took a little virtual stroll through the shops on Etsy. I found some great vintage and vintage inspired earrings that are not only beautiful but affordable too. Here are the top six that quickly caught my eye.

1. Vintage inspired Art Deco Black Copper Earrings from taradawn

I’m always drawn to art deco anything…

2. Vintage Milky White Glass Rhinestone Stud Earrings from silverliningdecor

A great alternative to pearls and will brighten your eyes.

3. Emerald Rhinestone Vintage Earrings from artinspiredgifts

Emerald green is so elegant and works on ANYONE, in my opinion.

4. Pale Robin’s Egg Blue Rose Post Earrings from aboutgirljewels

So sweet…

5. Montana Blue Swarovski Drop Briolette Crystal Earrings from EstyloJewelry

A bit more fancy but I think they would rock with jeans.

6. Petite Vintage Aqua Blue Givré Strip Rhinestone Stud Earrings from Silverliningdecor

I’m pretty sure I’d feel like a snow princess in these. That’s a good thing.

I hope this inspires you to add little sparkle of your own and just like a little chocolate, it will put a smile on your face.



(images via Etsy:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6)

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I was so looking forward to my call with the winner of “Project Accessory”, Brian Burkhardt. I had the opportunity to ask a few questions and he was a complete joy to speak with. He is a true artist and is one of those people that you want to be around because they are so talented and inspiring. Watch his audition video and you will get a sense of what I mean.

A little background on Brian…

One of 9 children, Brian was born in Long Island, NY to a warm and loving Italian family. He joked that he had to warn his friends before coming over that his mom would probably hug and kiss them. =) He graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston 7 years ago and is currently living in Miami, FL with is wife and business partner, Tricia Brookbank and their 8-month old son, Oliver. He loves Miami as it is a way of life for him. Multi-cultural, friendly people and great weather. Brian and Tricia’s company is called Trian (Tri)sha Br(ian). They are both accomplished fine artists and use their skill to create unique, lightweight and one-of-a-kind jewelry (more like art) from synthetic or reclaimed materials.

His work has been featured in publications such as Nylon, Time Out New York, Miami Modern Luxury and Cravings Magazine. His artwork has been exhibited at Miller Block Gallery (Boston), Judi Rotenberg Gallery (Boston), Bernice Steinbaum Gallery (Miami), Gallery Diet (Miami), Freight and Volume (New York), Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts (New York), The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), among others.

Onto the interview…

L&R: Congratulations! How does it feel to be the winner of the show? What did you take away from being on the show?

It has been amazing for Brian but so happy to be able to finally talk about it! His in-laws had a great big catered party for him to watch the finale. “It is a surreal experience.”

It was obviously an amazing platform and he was honored to be on the show. However, he didn’t go on the show to win but to be the best he could do and stay true to himself. It was important to be able to take risks with his work on the show even though his designs were probably less commercial than the other designers.

L&R: Congrats on being a new dad! I happen to have an 11-month old boy named Noah and feel like having a child changes your perspective on life so much and you see the world so differently. Have you changed as a person or as a businessman since your son?

The addition of his now 8-month old son, Oliver, has made him a better person, more driven, passionate and given him new perspective in everything. He mentioned that it’s the best thing that has happened in his life. Brian credited his wife, Tricia, for being so supportive and pushing him to take risks and he said he has never know a better woman.


L&R: I was impressed by how even when faced with intense pressure and high stakes at the end of the competition, you stayed focused and did not compromise your artistic integrity. Have you always had this self-confidence?

Brian has a fine art background where being critiqued was part of the game. He learned that you have to accept criticism and developed a thick skin from the process.  He feels that you have to remember that one person will always hate it, one will love it and one will not care. He said that his goal was to do the best he could with what he was allowed and design what was important to him.

L&R: Being on Project Accessory is a great platform for anyone to promote themselves. What are other ways that you have gotten word out about your work?

Brian got his start with collectors and he built his clientele from there. At one point his designs were featured on the blog, oh joy! They received over 20,000 hits from the feature. Soon after he received an order from Anthropology. He said the internet has really helped to get word out about them in addition to being sold in hundreds of boutiques across the country. Another platform that provided a lot of visibility was when he and his wife participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami about 2 years ago. They made 300 handmade pieces for a swimwear designer from Costa Rica which gave them a ton of new exposure.

L&R: To use lingo from the show… At what point in your career did you really solidify your design point of view?

“My design point of view is still not solidified and I hope it never is. It is always moving and changing. When you know what is in front of you, it’s boring.” For example, he had never worked on bags and shoes before the show and now has a new affinity for leather and is using it in his work. His design perspective comes from traveling, meeting new people and his experiences.

I wish Brian and his family the best of success and happiness with their very bright future!

To see more of Brian’s amazing artwork and jewelry designs, click here to visit his website.



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