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Ever take stock of the patterns and items you collect over time? I realized I happen to like many things floral… Who knew?

A gift of Mor Belladonna soap from my friend Angela. I can’t seem to bring myself to open it and ruin the pretty packaging. Come to think of it, she also bought me the cute soap dish with silver flowers from Anthropologie. I hope she isn’t hinting at something…

My Great-Grandma’s vintage floral rhinestone ring placed with a white floral tray (from Target, shhh) that I use to hold my perfumes.

Another Anthropologie fav… These are almost exactly the same ones but in a brighter yellow-gold color.

White flowers from the mixed bouquet from my husband for Valentine’s Day. I always separate the colors. Does that mean something?

I gave these pretty floral candle holders a home when my mom was trying to get rid of a bunch of randoms stuck in a closet from the 80’s. I am not a huge fan of tapered candles but these tea lights work great.

What do you have multiples of without even noticing?




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I’ve been working on decorating our master bedroom since well, when we moved in almost three years ago… I did a few things and let it sit because I couldn’t make any decisions. Been there? I finally took the leap in November last year and found my design style. I think I had such a hard time because I like many different styles but I realized I didn’t have to choose just one as long as everything in the room makes me happy. I would say the look mostly falls into the Hollywood Regency and Romantic Bohemian categories. I’m going to share the final room once I’m finished with the last few projects.  As we speak, I’m giving our dresser and nightstands a little face lift. I’ve never liked them but can’t spend the money right now to buy the new set I really want. So in the meantime I’m workin’ with what I got. The idea to do this came to me when I couldn’t fall asleep one night but I always like a little inspiration from finished projects to bring my imagination into focus. Here are some beautiful dressers that helped me wrangle in my thoughts.

via Emily A. Clark
via Pottery Barn
via Angie Hranowsky
via Room Service

Check back this week to see my before & after dresser update! OK, I guess that means I better finish… =)



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